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Does a Dry Climate Mean No Mold?

7/24/2019 (Permalink)

Keep indoor humidity below 45% to avoid the possibility of mold growth

Does a Dry Climate Mean No Mold?

You live in Wellington, FL, which has little to no rain and dry heat. So, although you think that means no black mold, you could be very wrong. It may be hot and dry outside, but may not be the case inside. Your overall goal is not having to deal with mold cleanup. Remember, mold grows in places with high moisture content such as humidity, leaky pipes and broken appliances.

High Humidity

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air, and when living in dry climates, it doesn’t play a big part. Inside the office building is a different matter. The air-conditioning unit can be set wrong or not working properly, giving the workspace a high humidity level. Set the level at 50% or lower. If your air- conditioning system does not have a dehumidifier built-in, you can purchase a commercial model.

Leaky Pipes

Water leakage from rusted or broken pipes is a significant concern and one you may not be aware of. The water can be in the walls or under the floor, which means mold has a perfect spot to populate. Drywall is a common area found to develop black mold. Drinking fountains placed near carpeted areas create a recipe for disaster. Water from a broken pipe can flow directly onto the carpet, and although most of the water can be wiped up, the leftover still sitting in the corner can start to produce mold.

Broken Appliances

Like leaky pipes, hoses which connect to a water supply are also susceptible. Not correctly attaching hoses on appliances such as commercial dishwashers, washing machines and your HVAC system could create unneeded headaches and a lot of moisture. An HVAC system with mold growth can quickly spread spores through the air ducts.
Dry climates aren’t usually susceptible to mold, but it doesn’t take much moisture for spores to grow. Consistently maintain and repair pipes and appliances and be aware of the humidity level in the office. A mold remediation specialist can point out the parts of your building black mold targets.

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