SERVPRO of Pompano Beach Employee Photos

Andres Ocon-Owner

Andres Ocon is the owner/operator of SERVPRO of Pompano Beach. He is a Civil Engineer and has been involved in the design and construction industry for over 20 years. Andres is very knowledgeable in the industry and takes pride in the work he does. For Andres, performing top quality work is the most important thing. He believes in the SERVPRO principles and instills a customer service philosophy to all the fire, water and mold restoration services he and his team of professionals perform.

Cindy Pierre - Office Manager

Cindy Pierre, aka Sunshine, is the Office Manager. She has extensive admin and HR experience across various industries and disciplines. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and a former New York resident for many years, she is capable of making herself comfortable in all environments. Cindy holds a B.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. She is a writer, theatre geek, and animal and nature lover who someday hopes to travel the world by backpack.  She is currently traveling the world a little bit at a time on pilgrimage and for vacation.  She loves to go to the movies and museums, and watch cooking, singing and dance shows.  She has an 11-year old cat named Sherman and a betta fish named Turq.

Andre Cyrus - Estimator

Andre is an Estimator. He was born and raised in Newark, NJ.  He is a nomad who has traveled and lived in various parts of the US.  He has 11 years of restoration experience.  In his free time, he enjoys photography and video editing.  He is the middle child of three brothers.  Andre's jovial nature and sunny personality makes him a joy to have around.  He has a dog named Racks-Paper-Dollar-The-Saucy-Stud-Cyrus.

Picture of Herman Proenza-Production Manager

Herman Proenza-Production Manager

Herman Proenza is the Production Manager at SERVPRO of Pompano Beach. He is 46 years old and has been married for 24 years to his beautiful wife Felisha. He is a proud father of 3 young adults. He has 20 years of restoration experience, including working with SERVPRO for 15 years. He has IICRC Certification in water damage restoration that he's maintained since 2000. He has worked with SERVPRO on many Fire,Water and Mold remediation projects. He believes in    providing the best quality of work on each and every project.

Darryl T. Harley-Asst. Production Manager/Crew Chief

Darryl T. Harley is an Assistant Production Manager/Crew Chief who hails from Somerville, NJ, but was raised in New England.  Darryl has 28 years of experience in the restoration industry.  He is certified in Water, Mold and Natural Stone and Tile Restoration.  Although Darryl values his professional experiences, he credits his many years in the industry to his faith in Jesus Christ and he is committed to excellence because of it.  Darryl can often be found praying for his fellow employees or encouraging them with the Word of God, his own words, or his smile.  In his spare time, Darryl likes to frequent restaurants, go to the beach, travel, play tennis and go to church.  Darryl has been married for three years to his lovely wife Michelle and has 5 brothers, 2 sisters and one son and two daughters. He hopes to help Andres achieve his goals for success. 

Nadia Duque-Production Technician

Nadia is a Production Technician with a creative background in journalism and graphic design.  Born and raised in Maracay, Venezuela, Nadia once had a dream to become a flight attendant and travel the world.  She has 3 years of experience in restoration that she hopes will serve her new company.  In her spare time, Nadia likes to go to the gym, bake desserts and do arts and crafts.  Nadia has 4 brothers and 1 sister in Colombia.  She hopes to learn everything that there is to know about SERVPRO.  Together with her husband Emilio, the office has become just a little cheerier and continues to grow into a family.

Luis Martinez-Production Technician

Luis Martinez is a Production Technician that was born and raised in Venezuela.  He is certified as a CPA, but has been working in the restoration industry for five months.  In his spare time, Luis loves to play sports and run marathons.  Luis has been married to his lovely wife Vickars for 11 years and they have a very smart 9-year old son named Pedro and a cat named Sushi.