What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

When we bought our new house, we knew it would be a lot of work. But little did we know how much time and effort a clean-up of flood damage would be until we tried it ourselves. Thankfully when we got overwhelmed SERVPRO was there to save the day. I will call SERVPRO if we ever find another job that becomes too big to handle. Thank you SERVPRO.

SERVPRO has expert technicians that were there in each step of repairs in making my home complete again after the flood damage. I would endorse this company for every repair service need you may have. Hopefully, your damage was not as bad as mine was. Thank you again SERVPRO.

Our sewer drain backed up and flooded part of the bathroom running into the bedroom next to the bathroom; ruining the carpet around that area. I called SERVPRO and they sent a crew over within the hour. They came to assess the issue, cleaned up, did some cuts to remove the damaged materials and left equipment to dry out the are. They were extremely efficient and I was just amazed at the level of professionalism. Highly recommended!

SERVPRO did an amazing job about a month ago. Our building was flooded a few floors and even though it was only a small area wet. SERVPRO kept me updated on a day to day base. Marco was very nice and helped re-arrange my things around after all was said and done.

"SERVPRO did a great job at my building a few months ago right after the storm. There were several SERVPRO employees all over our building in lake worth. About week later when everything was said and done the building smelled a lot better. And management was please with SERVPRO. Rick did a great job"

"I have good things to say about SERVPRO I had water and mold damage (due to a storm) in two rooms of my home and I called SERVPRO and they came gave me a quote and scheduled the job and even though they had to remove some sections of the drywall in one room they repaired it without a trace when they completed the job."