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Welcome to Our Family...

12/5/2018 (Permalink)

General Welcome to Our Family... Our local SERVPRO® of Pompano Beach Family

SERVPRO® of Pompano Beach, Florida has been up and running for approximately 15 years and has recently come under the ownership of Andres Ocon.  Andres is a licensed Civil Engineer with a successful career in design and construction management.  After living in California for 30 years, he made the transition to Pompano Beach where he has started his quest to make SERVPRO® of Pompano Beach reach its full potential.  He is very knowledgeable in the industry and takes pride in the work he does.  For Andres, doing top quality work is the most important thing.  He believes in the SERVPRO® principles and instills a customer service philosophy to all the fire, water and mold restoration services he and his team of professionals provide. We are also proud to be representing the Latino community of South Florida.

What Do We Do?

We are a 24/7/365 service company that provides fire and water cleanup and restoration for both commercial and residential customers.  From cleanup to catastrophe, we handle the everyday general cleaning jobs all the way to a full-scale condominium that has been gutted due to fire.  We are here to lend a hand in the event of a hurricane or other major natural disaster. SERVPRO of Pompano Beach can garner the national resources of SERVPRO Industries in the event of a major catastrophe.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • General Cleaning Services:
    • Air Duct Cleaning
    • Carpet, Upholstery, Drapes & Blinds
    • Ceilings, Walls & Hard Floors
    • Deodorization Services
  • Remediation & Restoration Services:
    • Fire, Smoke & Soot
    • Water Removal & Dehumidification
    • Mold Mitigation & Remediation
    • Catastrophic Storm
    • Move Outs & Contents Restoration
    • Electronics & Equipment
    • Document Drying
    • Contents Claim Inventory
    • Biohazard, Crime Scene and Vandalism clean up

Where We’ve Worked

Among our most recent projects completed successfully are various signature buildings including the Wyndham Palm Aire Hotel, the Sawgrass Mills Mall, several commercial buildings, and of course many residential projects.

We believe in being part of the fabric of our community which is why we belong to our local Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis organization and support various community organizations. We will be sponsors in the 2018 Pompano Beach Christmas Boat Parade as well as decorating trees for Broward Sheriff’s Office.

A Little History About SERVPRO®

As a corporation, SERVPRO® started from humble beginnings in 1967 and has grown to over 1,700 franchises becoming one of the most nationally recognized restoration companies in the business.

One of the attributes that SERVPRO® promotes both nationally as well as in each local franchise is a sense of community and an outreach mentality that naturally help support the cities we’re located in.  So much so that in 1991, we were awarded the Nashville Business Journal’s Small Business of the Year.

Is Hurricane Season Over In November?

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

General Is Hurricane Season Over In November? Typical Hurricane Formation Zone For November

Fall has officially begun and summer is a season of the past at this time of the year. The leaves have yellowed and the temperatures have fallen. If you're  living in Florida however, the palm trees are still green and the temperature may still feel like it's the middle of the summer. Just like it could still be summer simply because of the weather it's technically also still Hurricane Season. However, there's no need to run out to your local grocery store and go into panic mode, just yet. Hurricane Season is actually in it's last month which is always in November. Although there is a chance a development could form it's a low chance. The most likely weather action that occurs around this time of the season is a typical Floridian tropical storm. Of course history has proven other wise with the last major storm happening in November of 2015. This tropical depression originating from South of The Bahamas turned into Hurricane Kate. The storm quickly strengthened and became a category 1 hurricane in just three days. Although it didn't make landfall it's massive force created interesting weather for Autumn in Ireland and Wales. November hurricanes can happen because the water temperatures haven't cooled off yet this time of year in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic. Not only do the warm waters remain but the hurricane killing shears that destroy hurricanes is still low during this time of year.

Notable Job Role: Production Crew Chief

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

General Notable Job Role: Production Crew Chief Production Crew Chief

Disaster strikes, and one of the first point of contacts is the Production Crew Chief. He or she is the one who will monitor, communicate, and respond to a customer needs. Being both a good listener and having great people skills is what makes a Production Crew Chief a vital part of the SERVPRO production team. During a time of cleanup and in some cases, reconstruction, the constant communication is necessary to make sure those customer needs are fully met. By resolving issues and concerns, the customer is satisfied throughout the entire process. How do you know if you have a good Production Crew Chief? He or she will be sure to follow the unique and time efficient SERVPRO 1-4-8 job response. The "1" of the 1-4-8 job response is to contact the insured within one hour of the loss. This first step is done in order to have services quickly arranged and prevent further loss. The "4" of the 1-4-8 job response is when a SERVPRO Production Crew Chief is at the job site within 4 hours of the loss ready to begin mitigation services if needed. The step "8" is when a Production Crew Chief gets in contact with the insurance adjuster 8 hours after the loss to discuss what the job will consist of and steps on moving forward. With SERVPRO of Pompano Beach, our Production Crew Chief will make sure the customer is always informed and the job is closely monitored to be completed as quickly as possible.